Surveillance System

The patented standalone UNIQCAM System is the latest in low power security surveillance technology. Its extreme low standby and operational power enables the camera to stay in active mode over a long period of time with recharge batteries.It has an integrated Spotlight for invisible IR illumination as well.

Cameras with optional Solar Panel (1W-attached Solar Hood),10 W and 20 W are powered by the trickle charged Batteries and supports ongoing activities.High resolution images can be taken in even low light conditions using latest high dynamic range(HDR)and low light sensitive CMOS Image Sensors. Up to 400,000 Images or days long of  MPEG  Videos are stored on the internal SD Card (up to 32 GB).
JPEG Images or MPEG Clips are recorded when movement is detected or during scheduled times according to individual setup. Images and Videos are Time/Date/Text stamped, have programmable text overlay, are secured by invisible watermark (digital signature) and can be encrypted.

The Camera with RF Remote Control comes in a small and rugged portable IP66 Case and has all the features required for professional security camera systems. It is suitable for many kinds of application, and due to its wireless switching capability and GSM(3G/4G)and WLAN functions, where Images/Video Clips/Audio can be sent to Mobile Phones, PCs, PDAs,Monitor Stations,it can be used in almost any environment. The UNIQCAM comes with its own easy self-monitoring software allowing for remote customised camera set up. Footage can be viewed via the UNIQCAM Cloud Dashboard.

Apart from its wide range of camera functions  the system has the capability of a  wireless Standalone Control Panel with its optional wireless peripheral devices like RF- Light Switch Controller,- Siren Alarm,- Door/Window Sensor,- Flood Sensor,-External PIR,-Temperature Sensor etc.
Last but not least, it is very cost effective and in fact unique on the market.